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Anna Khanenko

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Anna Khanenko is a professional cryptocurrency investor, business and mutual fund analyst. In this blog she publishes the most important information from her financial analytics experience.


How to Choose a Forex Broker

After forex reached the pedestal by becoming the largest financial markets in the world, it is no wonder that thousands of brokers and forex service providers have joined the trading revolution online. That being said, choosing the right broker can be quite daunting and time...

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It’s All About Mindset

Let us get one thing straight: trading is gambling. Uncertainty is a part of the game. It’s either you’re equipped to play it or destined to fail at it. For the more active trader who isn’t afraid of risks, taking notes on sound characteristics that he...

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books and coffee

Top 6 best books for Forex trading

We have put together a list of some of the best Forex books where we can assure you works and is ideal for both beginning traders looking into how the Foreign Exchange market works, and Forex strategies for beginners and for seasoned traders, who want...

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Using Your STRUGGLE to Improve Your Trading

Using Your STRUGGLE to Improve Your Trading

In one of our posts here, I talked about the idea of trading better by eliminating the thought of struggle. One perceptive blogger by the name of Hagen commented on our post with exciting insights. Hagen argues that the complete removal of “struggle” in trading is...

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