Who are we

We always view ourselves as independent traders. Our approach is different since we treat trading far from how most educators and gurus approach it. Compared to most of the education giving entity, we do it frankly. You should not resort to us if you are not willing to know the truth about trading. We emphasize giving necessary knowledge instead of what traders want to hear. Though we don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of trading, we guarantee that our experience is a strong basis to give trading education. We’ve been in this profession for quite a long time now giving us enough knowledge about trading. Above all that, we know precisely what generates money and how to approach the market.  


Below are three focal points of what trading is. We focused on these three and made it as bases from where our lessons, guides, and write-ups revolve.

  • Active trading requires discipline and mental stability. It demands traders to develop a strong skillset. Constant practice is also crucial since it helps traders be adept at trading.  
  • Trading is no easy venture. Even though psychology plays a role in trading, it is not the primary tool to achieve success.  What matters most is acquiring a lasting edge through a deep understanding of the market.
  • Though considered as a money generating profession, this can also help traders improve their lives since it can be used as a self-development tool.


It intends to help that this blog came into being. We want to put up an intensive education about what professionals like us think and do. We deemed it necessary to improve every trader’s knowledge since other trading education is superficial. If you want to commit to trading, we assure you that we are the right people to consult. Our main goal is to be the learning ground of traders to achieve their financial and personal objectives fully.  

We fully disclose our trading experiences to save traders from mounting losses and shortcomings. We put you as our priority that if we get to teach you skills and push you, we’ve already served our purpose. You can achieve your trading ambitions. And if you’re asking when to start, the time is now.