15 Web Developer Portfolios To Inspire You


IKM was started in 2001 by two partners Lynn and Ian, who used design to spread positivity. Although the company focuses on B2B and eCommerce, it actively participates in cancer research and diversity causes. Chicago’s Flamingo Agency specializes in website design and a variety of other services to optimize your website needs. Not your mom-and-pop design company by any stretch, Flamingo Agency employs a small team of professionals for a more manageable approach with business owners. Not only does Flamingo Agency offer affordable pricing, but it is also ranked among the top agencies in the country.

15 web developer portfolios to inspire you

Just click the extension and hover over any element on any webpage. If your only experience working with colours was using crayons in kindergarten, Material.io has a great to the Material Design system. Colour picking tools allow you to identify the Hex codes of elements on the web to gain inspiration or keep designs consistent. There are thousands of tools in this space, but you won’t find one easier than ColorPick Eyedropper for Chrome. For example, let’s say you’re working with a theme colour that you keep having to reuse in your CSS code. Rather than having to retype it every time, you can specify the colour once and save the variable.

The Best Web Design Companies Add Value To Your Business

One particularly helpful feature is the ability to map complicated commands to a single button or click of the keyboard. If you’re working with a team, the visual commit graph also assists you to quickly view who made code changes and when. This means there’s considerably less re-renders of the UI, leading to a lightning fast experience.

15 web developer portfolios to inspire you

Clients are required to pay a fee of about $400 for a single posting due to the exposure towards premium freelancers available for the job. When the system matches you up with a potential client, they are able to request an interview for more details on the project. Whilst this is often where a site for smaller gigs, the large clientele Fiverr offers ensures that there is no shortage of contracts for all skill levels. Click on the icons to receive personalized recommendations to hire the best developers for these technologies. To hire front-end developers, click the yellow button below to get started. Web developers often have a high salary with only an associate’s level degree.

Visual Code Studio

The platform offers freelance web developers from across the globe. So, if you’re based in the US but are comfortable working with someone who is in India, you can find that here. Whether you are looking to hire web developers for your new software or expand your existing team, RemoteOK makes for a great platform to consider. Hired helps employers easily find web developers and front-end developers.

What language do most hackers use?

Python. Python is probably the most popular high-level programming language used by hackers. It is object-oriented, which makes it faster to write.

Dice will provide you with insights, data, and career opportunities for technology professionals while putting state-of-the-art tools in the hands of recruiters and employers seeking tech talent. With the name camel-cased, you already know off-the-bat that it’s a great site for developers. DeveloperWorks has a knack for writing about complex topics and boiling it down to consumable, understandable articles. This is here as a reminder to the older/more experienced developers that the site is still up and running. It was, during their time, a place to visit and learn about web development, covering topics such as web programming, E-business, and page design.

Just use our free-text editor to build anything from basic contact forms to complex eCommerce pages that can be embedded anywhere on the internet. Whether you’re working solo or in a team, ClickUp lets you map out tasks, better plan your work and see your overall product vision. The major benefit here is the dizzying versatility of the platform.

Web Designer Vs Web Developer

Did you know that there are over 700 programming languages to choose from? If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can quickly fall into “paralysis by analysis”. While a single job post on the site costs $395, they offer more discounts for ordering in higher volumes. Your job will be shared among 3,000 partner sites for up to 30 days, meaning Dice’s 1.5 million monthly users will be able to see your posting.

Customers are the greatest advertiser — they tell friends, family, and strangers online about products, services, and businesses they like. But conversion rates won’t simply rise because you have a website — the website needs to be built to make these visitors compelled to become customers. If visitors can comfortably navigate a website without confusion, they will instantly feel positive about the company, product, or service. Before you sit down with a potential web design company, you need to have your numbers straight. It’s important to know exactly how much money you’re willing to spend and what type of timeline you expect.

Is Python good for web development?

The language of Python is extremely powerful and very advanced for web design and development. Developers with this skill are in great demand, but it is difficult to find a high-quality web development company that uses Python for web development.

Hiring a freelance web developer can be intimidating if you don’t know where to look. There are general freelance marketplaces, job boards, and specialized services that can help you connect with top technical talent. Searching for freelance developers on job sites will only be effective if you choose the right ones.

  • Your story needs to be told today, and Hexagon Creative knows how to tell it to attract the clientele you have been hoping for.
  • That’s mostly because of the rich and varied arsenal of skills a good developer will need to meet the job requirements.
  • A good web designer is one with many skills.Specialization refers to the particular type of design a web designer does.
  • Angular Jobs is a good site to find web developers if you have the time to vet candidates yourself.

You have the power to reach out to a freelancer of your choice, and communicating over the browser and mobile app is very intuitive. However, Upstack has a diverse talent pool that’s highly scalable depending on the size and scope of your business. Upstack is a global network of experienced and well-vetted software developers, web developers, and engineers. We’ve put together a list of DIY tips and tricks to make your ecommerce product photos stand out—without breaking the bank.

It’s important to consider what style you like or don’t like and why when assessing the quality of a web designer. This means that your business’s first interaction with potential customers is more than likely to occur on the internet. And your website ends up becoming how potential customers first get to know exactly what your business is about.

Clay — A Website Design CompanyClay is a web design agency that combines branding, UX, and interactive web development to deliver next-level websites. Based in San Francisco, they partner with web and product marketing departments of Fortune 100 companies and startups around the world. Clay’s specialty is designing and building award-winning websites that provide immaculate user experience, increased conversion, and elevated aesthetics. You should check out their digital agency showreel and read an interview for Dribbble. Servicing companies of all sizes and across a diverse range of industries, Beehive offers an impressive range of cutting-edge online marketing and web design solutions. The web design services provided by Beehive are highly focused on promoting client satisfaction.

A large part of my ability to keep up with emerging technologies, techniques, and new standards is because of frequenting Digg’s Technology section. The community is picky of what is good news and bad news, so it allows you to skip the junk and get to the good stuff right away. I spend most of the day in front of the computer and even in my spare time, I choose to read, learn, and keep up with web technology news. This leads to a massive collection of bookmarked links, but through the years, there are only a handful of websites that I frequent. WebsiteSetup.org is a free resource site for helping people to create, customize and improve their websites.

Hiring freelance Web developers is wise if you’re not looking to build an in-house web development team or if you are not a tech company. Freelance Web developers enable employers to save on cost involved and time spent on hiring and training. However, there is the downside of lack of control and motivation on the freelancers’ part. If you are looking to build a full-fledged web development team or building a product that requires long-term updates, then hiring full-time Web Developers makes sense. A web developer is a professional programmer who specializes in or is specifically engaged in, the development of software and applications on the Internet using a client-server model. Web Developers can specialize in a suite of different programming languages.

These should be a good place to start building your web developer portfolio, but to help these sink in, let’s first go over the examples we’ve chosen for you. It’s also important to leave your contact information on your website such as your email address, social media accounts. But, it’s equally important to provide your visitors with an alternative way to reach you.


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