CMC Markets: A Wholly Reliable Brokerage

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CMC Markets is no stranger to positive reviews. If we are to look at a number of consumer reports, this trading company had received praises from fellow brokers and investors for multiple facets of the firm’s services, with many looking at it’s wide range of trading instruments alongside the effectiveness of the trading software that CMC Markets employs. Although these might easily be chalked up as matters of preference, it is the fact that the company actually makes good at its word of providing multiple assets of note via a highly-recognized and widely-used platform for trading.

These, alongside the many other facets of CMC Markets’ varying trading services, will be reviewed through this short effort. This literature was produced after it emerged from months of testing out the company’s many offerings through its live accounts. Our team of reviewers employed an exhaustive methodology to ascertain the soundness of the firm’s operations.

Apart from testing CMC Markets’ actual functionalities and the many provisions that the firm allows, our reviewers also looked into financial regulators that sanction all of the transactions that the firm goes into to see how it fares with respect to both client data and money security and ultimately its legality.

cmc markets: a wholly reliable brokerage

A Short Background on the Broker: A Long Industry Tenure

CMC Markets is probably one of the longest running trading firms internationally. Built in 1989, the company was founded to function within the sector of  Forex Currency and ETF trading.

The brokerage can be found in the LSE in any way take in American traders, something that is commonplace among Forex brokerage firms.

The transactions lodged via CMC Markets are sanctioned through the top tier regulator, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The company’s funds are categorically separated from funds of the clients to avoid a mix-up in funds. Regarding this, the funds are effectively kept in actual accounts. Again, this is a measure that had been done the brokerage through the mandate of the FCA, under the aim of protecting  its clientele from possible insolvency.

cmc markets: a wholly reliable brokerage

The Broker’s Wide Selection of Purposeful Offerings

Numerous Trading Assets

CMC Markets has opened the doors to its clientele of multiple asset markets, with the actual instruments that can be traded amounting to a good 10,000.

These instruments include over 110 Commodities, 12 Cryptocurrencies, more than 330 Forex Pairs, over 90 Indices, 9000 and above, ETFs and Shares and more than 50 Treasuries. While this stands, the spreads offered here are at low. With Shares that come from the U.S. and U.K. are at 20%.

Next Generation and MetaTrader 4: The Trading Software Offered by the Company

While falling short from the more notable trading platform, the MT4, when looking at its features, CMC Markets’ own trading software Next Generation can actually lock antlers with it. However, it can still improve on its back testing capacity should it wish to completely land at par with MT4.

And much like a number of online traders today, CMC Markets also brings to its trading table the MT4 platform for CFD trading. The firm gives its clients the choice of either using the entire platform as an account or only as an add-on. ONly, it needs to activate the sharing capacity so that the platform would be fully enjoyed.

It would also do CMC Markets well if it would consider offering VPS Service and an API interface for the provision of algorithmic trading.

Two Trading Accounts That CMC Markets’ Clients May Open

The type of trader that had availed the services of the firm are made into categories for a more experience-based type of trading.

1. The CFD Account

Clients are privy to exponential earnings regardless of the rise or fall of the market. It offers One-Click Trading and gives its owners the chance to lodge different types of trade orders. On top of that, the CFD Account has under its artillery more than 80 technical indicators.

2. The Corporate Account

This type of account also gathers earnings from the rise and fall of markets. It also offers a myriad of trading tools that the more discerning traders could use to make profits.

cmc markets: a wholly reliable brokerage

Choose CMC Markets for the Potential of More Profit!

With its long industry experience, wide selection of asset offerings, and efficient trading platforms, signing up with CMC Markets would reap the trader exponential gains. The trading instruments are enough to create a noteworthy investment portfolio.

The trading software offerings, while notable for  CMC Markets’ Next Generation and industry titan, the MT4, these could still be improved. This could be done with the provision of a VPS service and an API interface. The latter allows for algorithmic trading.

It is to the opinion of the review team that CMC Markets is truly a good firm to trade through. For more information, you may visit CMC Markets’ website and find out how you can start trading.


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