Download and work with Trade Interceptor App review

Download and work with Trade Interceptor App review

Download and work with Trade Interceptor App review

Every day, electronic gadgets are increasingly invading the ordinary lives of people. As for traders, they can see how brokers are introducing various mobile terminals, bots for popular instant messengers, and almost every day now. Thus, trading becomes more mobile, and if you said earlier that you could trade from anywhere in the world, where there is a computer and the Internet, now it is already possible to do it everywhere – sitting in a cafe, on the beach, in public transport and so on (for more on this, see Forex trading mobile application you would need). Naturally, the new features deserve a detailed review, so a review of the Trade Interceptor will be made below – a growing mobile application that can act as a strategy tester and helps to conduct a high-quality, comprehensive analysis on a smartphone or tablet.

Trading Terminal Features

The undoubted advantage of the Trade Interceptor platform is its wide functionality, due to which it looks better than all other Forex trade interceptor mobile terminals. To make it easier to adapt and get started, you need to familiarize yourself with the main options of the program. On the top toolbar, you can see access to the following functions trade interceptor review:

  • key to enable/disable the full-screen display mode;
  • option to make a deal;
  • Share button, which you can share your actions on social networks;
  • the choice of a period for building candles;
  • key to add new assets for trading.
Download and work with Trade Interceptor App review

The following useful inserts are available for a demo account and Live mode

The first of them display “Quotes,” resembling a window in MetaTrader 4 called “Market Watch,” where supply and demand prices are displayed for the selected instruments trade interceptor.

The trade interceptor brokers list for Forex and binary options.

The News insert will keep you up to date with the most significant events affecting the foreign exchange market.

Separately, there is an economic calendar in which all significant publications of economic indicators of the leading countries of the world are displayed trade interceptor traders gym. The most important news is highlighted in red, for less important news, a yellow tint is provided, and for the weakest – white. Here you can configure the notification, which will not let miss an important publication.

Alerts tab will allow you to configure alerts for various other situations, notifying you of new opportunities. To configure alarms, you need to click on the green plus sign, after which a window will open with several fields, setting parameters for them, you can receive signals on your smartphone from indicators and other technical analysis tools.

Asset forecasting will allow a sober assessment of the potential in each transaction. The probabilities of the development of a particular event are collected in a special table where they can be sorted by the ratio of potential profits to acceptable risks. For each asset, you can select the time, the predicted target level, and the size of the stop loss.

The last tab of the Trade Interceptor mobile terminal provides access to training materials.

Download and work with Trade Interceptor App review

The application greatly facilitates the life of each trader and helps to learn a clear analysis of the market without loss of financial investments. Do not be afraid to use this application because it was created, taking into account the protection of your data (multi-level verification).