LimeFX Forex Broker Review

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LimeFX is a fast-developing cryptocurrency brokerage company that aims to provide its customers the most profitable online trading platform. Founded in 2008, this British broker has changed a lot during the years. Until 2015, the company only served European countries. Now it works worldwide and that is one of the reasons we are writing this review about the LimeFX forex broker.

limefx forex broker review

LimeFX review: more about the company

As we have already mentioned, the company was founded in 2008. It is currently based in London and works around the whole world. This broker also provides a huge number of assets including:

  • Stocks
  • Indexes
  • Forex
  • Commodities

These are only the general categories that include many interesting options. For instance, you can trade Apple or Adidas stocks just by using your computer from home. Each available option can be found on the broker’s website.

LimeFX customer reviews

If you search the Internet for LimeFX customer reviews, it is likely that you will find two different kinds of opinions. These are negative and positive commentaries. It is interesting to note that there also are a lot of blogs that write paid reviews about services. We managed to find many websites that promote similar slander.

We have asked many real traders about their opinion. Most of them asked us not to show their profiles, so we shall just quote them.

Martha, Hungary

“I am a long-term investor at LimeFX. Usually, I work only with stocks, although sometimes I also diversify my portfolio with forex and commodities. Most of my trades are completed within this platform because the broker provides tight spreads, a user-friendly interface where you do not get lost in the buttons, and acceptable commissions. At least here I am sure that my profits will not evaporate after the fees are calculated.”

Ben, England

“I have been trading for several years and this is something like my lifestyle now. LimeFX was one of my first brokers with whom I have decided to keep on working. It is good for newcomers and professionals. I can tell that for sure because that is where I started from. I used many other brokers too, but they do not have such good terms and customer support. The guys who work here are the best in the whole industry.”

All the other reviews have similar thoughts that can be gathered in a separate list. Below, you will find some general pros and cons of this company.


  • A huge variety of instruments to choose from
  • There is an educational center
  • Different account types
  • Fast order execution
  • Order history
  • Trading in one click
  • Multiple bonus programs


  • High minimum deposit ($500)
  • Not everyone likes the commissions

Is LimeFX a fraud?

It is unlikely that LimeFX is a scam because there are many positive customer reviews that are written by real people. Most of the negative “opinions” that can be seen on multiple websites after you search for something about the broker are fake because they often write about features that do not even exist in this company.

Another point is that scam brokers often promise their customers such things that are actually impossible to achieve. After analyzing the website of LimeFX, we did not find anything like that. In fact, the website is really well-made and contains everything a real trader would need for work.

limefx forex broker review

Finally, any brokerage service can be called a fraud if the trader does not know how to manage his portfolio. This is an issue with many customers who invest their money and think that someone will do everything for them.

Trading platforms

The service provides the most famous trading platforms in the industry. These include MT4 and XCritical. The software is available for desktop, web, and mobile.These applications are good because they have a lot of charts, indicators, useful alerts, can work with third-party software, and are easy to use.

LimeFX customer support

The fastest way to solve any technical issues is by contacting the customer support. During our LimeFX review, we have contacted several agents to estimate their professionalism. It appeared that the people who work there actually know their job. We asked several questions regarding the service and received correct answers without delay.

To contact the customer support, you can use the following credentials:

There also is a contact form on the broker’s official website. Using it is similar to writing an email, but you do not have to bother about opening your mailing app or entering the address.

The fastest way to get help is by calling the phone number. This way, you will be put through with an agent in a couple of minutes and will not have to wait for several days like with emails.

Final thoughts

Taking into consideration all the information that we have gathered about LimeFX, we can say that this is a trustworthy brokerage company that is not a scam. It has many positive reviews, many years of experience on the market, a user-friendly website, and reliable customer support. In addition, the service does not promise you mountains of gold. Instead, it just tells you how and what you should do to make profits.

If you still have any doubts about the trustworthiness of this service, we recommend that you read the documentation on the broker’s website. It is available for all the users, even not registered ones. After that, you can make a conclusion yourself.


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