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How to Use Fibonacci to Set Stop Loss

Before you open a position using one of the Fibonacci retracement levels, it is important that you have a boundary or a limit to your potential loss, in case things get out of hand. Do not enter a long or short position without having an...

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What is Fibonacci Retracement?

This concept is applied to the Fibonacci Retracement, wherein an attempt to read the market, traders pinpoint particular levels at which a bounce from a pullback is set to happen...

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Lexatrade scammers? Company overview

Do scammers? Numerous customer reviews about Lexatrade on the official website say differently: the system is protected by a security service, all operations and customer data are strictly confidential. On the website you can read opini...

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Swing Trading Explained

During swing trading, a trader aims to gain 5 to 10% of profit for most of the stocks rather than the usual target gains by traders, which is normally at 20 to 25%. Swing traders flourish not through one-time big-time profits, but through accumulated...

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