What Javascript Framework Is The Best For My Project In 2021?


It provides a structure to your web applications and features key-value binding, custom events, and a rich API. With Backbone, you can also connect an API you’re already using with your user interface. Some notable companies with Backbone in their tech stack include Reddit, LinkedIn, and Trello. Another popular front-end framework is Angular. Created by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrono in 2009 as a side project, it is currently maintained by Google.

what javascript framework is the best for my project in 2021?

Vue was first launched in 2014 by Evan You, a developer working for Google who took inspiration from Angular to deliver a simple lightweight and efficient alternative in the form of Vue.js. Although Vue has adopted most of its features from React and Angular, it has made major improvements on those features to deliver a better, easy to use, and secure framework. The biggest example of this approach is that Vue offers a 2-way data binding as seen in Angular and ‘Virtual DOM’ as seen in React. Polymeris yet another open-source JavaScript library for building web applications using Web Components. This library is developed by Google developers and has contributors on GitHub. Unlike any other JavaScript framework, Polymer is built to leverage the features that are present in the web platform to let developers build components.

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Since components are the biggest strengths of Polymer, it has better support for web components and has better offline modules when compared to React. It helps in organizing codes and acts as a backbone for any project. Unlike other frameworks, Backbone puts the developer in charge of choosing the right tool that works best for a given project. A templating engine of its own does not exist in Backbone.

Companies like Freska, Ordami, and BTEK Software make use of Aurelia in their projects. Compared to Angular, Mithril’s small codebase size allows easy auditing, which makes it faster than Angular. Unlike Angular, Mithril provides introductory tutorials and an extensive API references section, which includes everything a developer needs to know while building apps. Mithril, a lesser-known JS library, is the modern JavaScript framework used to create single-page applications on the client side. In Backbone, on the other hand, developers have to write the binding on their own.

Is HTML5 a framework?

Basically, HTML5 is a language, not a framework, which can be used to markup content in a file that when loaded in a browser can be interpreted and rendered as web page. Backbone. js is a framework that runs in the JavaScript engine by the browser on an HTML(5) page.

Migrating from Angular 1 to Angular is extremely painful and cumbersome. Angular is developing at such a rapid pace, migration among new Angular versions can also be challenging sometimes. Third-party integrations – Angular offers a rich collection of third party integrations to further enhance their web application. Component Based Architecture – After ditching MVW(model-view-whatever) architecture, Angular 2 and beyond adopted a strictly component-based architecture that facilitates reusability. Components can be used over and over again throughout the app.

Documentation – Vue is blessed with arguably the best documentation among all other framework on this list. Any beginner with basic knowledge of JavaScript should be up and running with Vue in a couple of hours thanks to well written and thorough documentation. React is evolving and changing at a very fast pace requiring developers to play catch up and reskill themselves which can be exhausting and difficult to cope up with. Developers often find themselves stuck in a constant learning cycle which keeps rendering their previous knowledge useless or defunct. Reusable components – React’s component-based approach helps developers to import or reuse UI components without breaking a sweat insteading of coding them from scratch. It has a simple structure which makes the framework quicker and easier to learn.

Pros Of Using Angular

Easy integration – React allows easy integration with other front-end and back-end framework like the popular PHP framework Laravel to work in tandem without a hitch. 71.7% of JavaScript devs are currently using React whereas an additional 12% have shown a keen interest to learn it in future as per State Of JS 2019 survey. This marks an impressive jump of almost 8% from previous year where the active user figure stood at 64%.

Vue proves to be a more flexible and modular front-end development framework when compared to Angular. It consists of a clear separation between the components and directives. This prevents extra work needed for optimization and lets the developer focus more on building the app. Vue.js was released in 2014 and is the fastest-growing framework adopted by developers. It is a lightweight progressive JS framework that gets a lot of its concepts from ReactJS and AngularJS.

It advertises itself as “the fastest way to build JavaScript apps”, an “open source platform for web, mobile, and desktop”. This cross-platform framework written in Node.js can be used for building web, mobile, and desktop applications. Become a frontend developer without scrubbing through videos or documentation.

Handlebars integrated templates update automatically when the underlying data changes along with significantly lesser coding. Websites like LinkedIn, Vine, and Live make use of Ember. It is also used to build desktop and mobile applications.

While Angular and React are flexible and less opinionated, Ember makes many assumptions about the application and makes a developer conform to its expectations. React is SEO-friendly and fast for front-end development. You can use React with other frameworks like Angular.js, Backbone.js quite easily.

Can I make apps from JavaScript?

One of the most interesting things developers can do today with JavaScript is building applications for non-web contexts. This means that you can use JavaScript to create applications that aren’t published on the internet.

In 2013, it open-sourced and continued to dominate the web industry. React.js is an open-source front end JavaScript library. Because of that, it requires excellent programming skills to integrate the UI library into a common MVC framework.

  • Ember CLI – The Ember Command Line Tool is a productivity booster that not only helps to set up new projects but also creating components and controllers using automatic generation.
  • Vue offers render functions, supports JSX, and a valid HTML can also be a valid Vue template.
  • KnockoutJS is a free and open-source JavaScript library that works with any web framework.
  • React is often plagued with complaints about poor documentation that cannot catch up with new releases and features forcing developers .

It makes it possible to call Node.js modules directly from the DOM, supports all features of the browser, provides a JavaScript source protection and is available on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It’s a great way to save time and money on the business and development side. A free, bi-monthly email with a roundup of Educative’s top articles and coding tips. When a model changes in Backbone.js, the HTML template automatically gets new updates. It also has a shorter learning curve and if you are already familiar with JavaScript, you can quickly pick it up. Backbone.js is written in JavaScript and is entirely open source.

Community support – it has a small number of contributors. Still, it manages to provide a fast and robust framework. Community support – it has extensive community support from known developers hub like Github. Performance and usability – its continuous improvement is the key as it manages concurrency and fast rendering, which is the fundamentals of good performance.

what javascript framework is the best for my project in 2021?

Companies like Mazda, Honeywell, and Qualcomm use Meteor. It uses data on the wire, which means that the server sends data and not the HTML while the client renders it. Svelte apps are fast as there is no framework in the browser and code compiled to Vanilla JavaScript at build time. In addition to that, Node.JS has the largest ecosystem of open source libraries, the npm package ecosystem. With the latest update of Node.js, it has better support for ESM.

Find out some of the best frameworks to build a modern application in less time. Looking at how slow facebook has become with latest react refactor proves your points from a user’s perspective and I am 100% it must be a nightmare for the devs too. Frameworks prove a false sense of efficiency while in fact it’s the opposite. OK, for me React is a library, Angular is a framework.


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