xCritical Platform Review: is it worth the try?

xCritical Platform Review: is it worth the try?

There are not that many trading platforms that are used by brokerage services. Usually, you will see that most companies decide to choose the old classic MetaTrader because they do not want to try anything new. Nevertheless, less-known software has also got many features and is worth trying. In our xCritical review, we shall discuss whether this platform is better than its competitors or not.

xCritical Platform Review: is it worth the try?

Accuracy and speed

One of the most important factors when working on fast-changing markets is the accuracy and speed at which the software is capable of closing orders. xCritical is completely suitable for active trading when the smallest details are important.

The only limitations that you might experience are those of your Internet connection. If there is a stable connection, it is unlikely that any issues will be encountered. Whenever the connection speed changes, this significantly influences all the processes that require a live connection on your PC.

Useful features

The number of features usually determines how good the service is for different trading strategies. Some of the main functions must include the possibility to prevent losses and analyze the markets in detail. Having not enough features or, on the contrary, too many are not good.

xCritical keeps the perfect balance of both. The platform provides the most important features that are combined with maximum usability. Even if you are new to the platform, the simple and comfortable interface will make it easy to find all the required tools. More information can be found at xCritical official site.


The simplicity of the interface is just another point that is important to remember about. During our xCritical review, we have used the service for a while and came to the conclusion that it is even simpler than MetaTrader. The design is not overloaded with shouting elements that would distract the traders. It is simple and efficient.


The security of the service is definitely one more thing that must be mentioned. When there are so many hacks, you may never be sure that nothing similar will happen to you.

xCritical Platform Review: is it worth the try?

In the case with xCritical, the platform always checks the brokerage companies it works with and regularly reviews its security systems for flaws. Moreover, the software is regulated by the FCA, a reputable regulatory authority. Therefore, if a brokerage firm is found to be a fraud, the company refuses to work with it.

xCritical customer reviews

Reading the xCritical customers reviews may clarify several points about the software. Although there are no pages on Forexpeacearmy or Trustpilot for the application, there still are many traders who write their opinions about the platform in specialized trading forums. Some of them will be listed below.

Daniel, Netherlands

“Just like many other traders, my first experience was with the MetaTrader software. There simply were no alternatives. They started appearing in the open for the last few years and it appears that there might be something better than the good old classics. xCritical totally changed my mind about the MT programs. This software (xCritical) is much more stable, easier to use, it has got a simple and understandable interface, and almost never lags. These are the reasons I prefer working with it rather than with any other app.”

Julia, Poland

“The xCritical trading platform is a modern solution for all kinds of trading strategies. Simplicity, efficiency, and reliability. These are the three words that describe the software in the best way. I have never experienced any issues with the xCritical software, unlike with other platforms like cTrader. There has always been something wrong, no matter how stable my Internet connection was or how good my PC was. After working with xCritical, I understood that all the previous companies were just deceiving me. I have found the best application and I do not want to change it in the near future.”

Not only traders but also brokerage companies leave their reviews about the service. There are not many reviews from them, but we may definitely say that they are glad they chose this software as an addition to their business.

Is xCritical cheating its customers?

You may have heard about the issues regarding some brokerage companies that set their software in a way that does not let traders earn any money at all. This is generally done with self-developed platforms and MetaTrader which supports tons of third-party add-ons.

When it comes to xCritical, you may be sure that the application may not be changed in a way to damage the user’s profitability. Not a single client was scammed by xCritical. If a broker somehow manages to do this, he will lose his license for using the software and will not be able to provide it to its clients.

Moreover, we have already mentioned in this xCritical review that the service is regulated by the FCA. This shows that the service has got a good trust record and you needn’t worry about the security of your funds. Do not believe it if you come across such statements as “xCritical scam” or “xCritical cheating” on the Internet.

The verdict

xCritical is a trustworthy trading platform that does not let anyone deceive its users. Many different sources show that the software is even better than the classic MetaTrader app. It has got many features, a simple design, and no issues like slippage. Therefore, we recommend the service to all traders, newcomers and professionals! Go to the xCritical website!

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