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What is an Economic Calendar

One of the trading tools traders need to be familiar with and look into every trading session is the Economic Calendar. But what exactly is an economic calendar? An economic calendar is a list or chart of schedules of key figures or data releases of different...

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mobile trading

Download and work with Trade Interceptor App review

Every day, electronic gadgets are increasingly invading the ordinary lives of people. As for traders, they can see how brokers are introducing various mobile terminals, bots for popular instant messengers, and almost every day now. Thus, trading becomes more mobile, and if you said earlier...

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mobile platform

Choice of the forex trading app

Mobile Forex applications are the main tool of modern traders who trade remotely using androids and iPhones. Therefore, it is not surprising that most developers of the best forex trading app designed for currency speculation try to create the best programs for mobile gadgets, that...

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